Off Trail Blues

So if you didn't hear on my Instagram account, I unfortunately had to abandon ship at the Mason-Dixon line. I had a case of tendinitis that I didn't recognize until it was too late, which then got pretty aggravated and forced me to suspend my thru-hike attempt. I'm obviously pretty devastated but moving on with my life and back in the swing of things in California. 

Sorry, just wanted to post a brief update for all my "fans" and let you guys know that I haven't forgotten this site. I'm still processing everything that happened.

I am happy to say that I made it to the Mason-Dixon line at mile 1,064 and completed (nearly) the entire southern half of the trail, which I think is pretty baller. For now I'm going to be settling into my career and focusing on shorter trips, but I promise to keep good content coming. 

Happy Trails,