The Trail Provides

Has anyone out there read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho? Considering it's a universally renowned best-seller and has been translated into more languages than most Europeans speak my guess is you have. If you haven't, you really probably should. It's like... really short, and incredibly beautiful. 

The thematic elements of The Alchemist are pretty relevant to some things I'm going through on the trail right now, or I wouldn't have brought it up. 

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

There have been a few obstacles that have popped up in the past two weeks that could have been really detrimental.

I totalled my beloved Honda Element in a car accident. (I'm fine). It wasn't clear at first if the car was going to be totalled or not, and if it hadn't been I would have been not only on the hook for the $500 deductible, but for the insurance increase, and the car payments on top of all that, and all for a car I wasn't going to be driving for a few months anyway. Yikes. You know what they say about carefully laid plans? I saw my financial plans crumbling before my eyes. 

But then, my car was totaled. And my insurance company paid off my car loan with some to spare, so I'll have money for a down payment when I return and need a car again. I got to end my car insurance, since I obviously won't be needing it while I'm hiking, and I'm an "excluded driver" on my parent's car insurance which means that when I get back, there won't be a gap in my insurance coverage, and I can start over with a new-to-me car. That worked out. (RIP Salina, the first car I ever owned.)

Well once that all got sorted out, Eric managed to lose his sleeping bag. The week before we are supposed to start our adventure by traveling to Georgia and my boyfriend doesn't have a sleeping bag. Well, I felt like it was all going to work out, but it still was a scary few days, ordering new equipment, in the week before you leave, without knowing if it would arrive in time? Yikes! But then, the cleaning crew at the condo where Eric was vacationing found the sleeping bag last night. Crisis averted. Her will return the new bag once it arrives, and the old bag should meet us in San Luis Obispo. 

So it seems, to me, that things are coming together as gentle nudges from the universe to carry on with courage. Some say that half the battle is getting to the starting line. We're almost there!