Pre-Launch Checklist

Well it's Monday, February 29, 2016 which means it is my last Monday. My last Monday before the days of the week stop mattering so much, the last Monday in Santa Cruz, the last Monday before my last Friday. 

Well that's not weird or terrifying at all.  

This Saturday we are having a send off BBQ at my parents house and then on Sunday we are driving to SLO to spend a few days with Eric's family. On the 9th of March we fly to Georgia and spend a few days with my Grandparents.  

Then the dream becomes very, very real.  

Spring has most definitely sprung in California but over in the Appalachian mountains there is still frost and snow on the ground. Brr.  


 Taking in Spring-y vibes in Santa Cruz for as long as I can.  

Taking in Spring-y vibes in Santa Cruz for as long as I can.  

And wow I'm going to miss Santa Cruz and my family so much. It's crazy how supportive they've been. How well they've loved us. How little they have mentioned how absolutely batshit crazy we might be.  

There are only a few things left to be done. So I made a checklist.  

  • Pack a bag of "street clothes" for SLO and GA
  • renew my drivers lisence
  • make spice kits
  • finish this report at work I have had on my desk for way too long.  
  • Buy some over the counter medication that seems like it could be good to have a few pills of.  
  • Teach my mom how to send mail drops  
  • find Eric's sleeping bag or he needs a new one (seriously babe I can't believe you lost that the week before liftoff) 
  • treat trail clothes with permethrin
  • get bag ready for the airplane
  • repair collar button on my quilt.  
  • Eric has to move out of his place, I need to clean my room
  • I need to call my insurance company and see where things stand, do I need to be insured? (Car insurance) 

Way too many things for just 5 days! Here we go!