60 Days - The Waiting Struggle is Real

Today we are 60 days away from standing on top of Springer and looking North. That's 2 months. That's unreal. When I first dreamed up this adventure in fall 2014 I never thought I would make it even this far. 

I was reading Wild. It wasn't the first time I'd heard of the PCT. I'd met a few PCT hikers on the trail, and looked at them with a mix of awe and pity. I didn't understand why someone would choose to undertake something so huge, and seemingly insurmountable. Reading Wild was the first time I'd heard of the Appalachian Trail though. 

I started googling, and something grabbed a hold of me. I wanted so desperately to be the kind of person who did that. But I didn't feel like that kind of person at all. I thought about all the reasons I couldn't hike the trail. 

Then I realized, the only thing stopping me from being that kind of person, was the fact that I was telling myself I couldn't. So I told myself I could. And I would. Eric asked if I would be ok with him joining me on my hike a few months later. Obviously, I was thrilled. Though just for the record guys, I was totally capable of doing it by myself. I mean I taught HIM to backpack for Pete's sake.

Now I'm here, 60 days away from the beginning, and I'm freaking out in the best way possible. I'm hitting the gym, for real, taking on training hikes and finalizing my gear list. It feels like a fabulous dream. I can't freakin' wait! I'm starting to feel very impatient. I will appreciate these last two months at work and at home. I'm going to miss my family and friends immensely, though one of the best women in my life is going to move to North Carolina around the same time we start hiking, so maybe I'll see her then... I hope? Daniella?