Driving Across America - Not Meant to Be

We started on February 29, 2016. The first stage of our trip to the Appalachian Trail was a cross country road trip that we planned to last us 11 days. We budgeted about $700 each for the trip to include gas, lodging, food, and all other purchases for the road trip. That's each. One way. 

But it's not meant to be. I was doing some spur of the moment research today and realized we could fly from Atlanta for only $150. We could fly first class for less than $300. So Eric and I are shelving the cross country road trip for now. It makes more sense logistically and financially. I'm a little heart broken that I will have to wait to see the Grand Canyon, but ultimately I feel at ease. I've been worried that the amount of money I have saved isn't enough, based on my detailed budgeting spreadsheets and this will blow through those worries. I won't have to find a place to leave my car, or worry that my car isn't going to start when we get back. I get to put off thoughts of breaking down in the middle of the desert. All in all I feel at peace with this decision, with only a twinge of regret. It just makes more sense this way. It leaves space for our big adventure to be the focus of our whole hearts. It will save us money, and allow me to work an extra week, if they'll have me, or have an extra week of breathing room if not. I feel good about this. Very good.

Do I sound like I'm trying to convince myself? In part, I am. I put a lot of energy into thinking about this road trip, and it's hard to let go of that. But I'm glad that the decision was made, and now I can focus my energy. Woah. I'm a little bit in mourning, a little grief stricken, but a lot relieved.  

Here is the playlist I made for crossing the desert. We won't use it now, but I hope you can still enjoy it!