All the Prep that's fit to see

So where are we on the preparation side of things.  


We bought what seems like a million backpacker meals for food drops. We decided we don't want to do a lot of food drops in order to maintain the freedom and flexibility we are looking for on the trail, but there also apperently some places where resupplying is ~hard~  

so we turned out piles of food into neatly organized bags of food which still need to be boxed and labeled for whichever parent gets stuck being our mail sender.  



Otherwise I am cruising forward. I canceled my gym membership, so I won't be paying for that once I leave. And I've committed to going 3x a week until we leave. I monitor my finances daily with growing trepidation, and a lot of trust in the universe that things will somehow work out. (They will)  


We also are in the midst of finalizing our plans for our cross country road trip to reach the Appalachian trial!  So far I have definitive reservations for the Grand Canyon and have planned out the rest. It's going to be an amazing start to our adventure! I wrote a post about that on my Appalachian Trials page so make sure you're following us there as well. 

I'm also working on a post to explain the best way for you people to support us on our hike! (What food we would love to be sent, and how to know where to send it, and other ways of helping us out! Like what not to say to us, etc.) 


until then, much love! And we can't wait!!!