Backpacking for Everyone

The first time you go backpacking you might have a lot of questions, fears, or unsupportive family members who are convinced you will be eaten by a bear. These articles exists to help you take the first steps. 


Backpacking 101

If you've never been backpacking before, start here.

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Women on the Trail

Being a women in the back country poses some unique challenges, but a lot of it is just perception. 

Backpacking 102

So you've taken your first trip, tested out your gear, and sampled some freeze dried food, now what?

Backcountry Bowel Movements

When you gotta go, you gotta go, and at some point, you're gonna have to go. Here's how. 


Backpacking Culture and Manners

Be aware of the impression you are making while meeting new hikers. Here is my advice for not looking like a jerk.

What do I Pack

The ten essentials, some recomendations, and other resources to figure out, what the heck goes in that backpack anyway


Where do I go?

How do you plan a trip? Where do you get permits? Do you even need a permit? Let's talk about geography!


Going Solo

What to do when you're friends aren't on board, or you're looking for some alone time. Here's how to take the plunge into a solo trip. 

Leave No Trace

Take only photos, leave only footprints. Here's why it's important to leave no trace. 


Common Hazards

..and how to avoid them

What do I eat?

There is a wide variety of options for backpacking meals, everything from plug and play, to doomsday prepper style meals. Here's a basic guide

Wildlife 101

How to deal with wildlife when you're on the trail.


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Rules and Regulations

How to avoid run-ins with the law.