Jacket- Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

We both love our Nano Puff Jackets! We also love Vernal Falls!

Quick Notes

  • Synthetic insulation makes this jacket perfect for keeping you warm in damp weather
  • Great all-around jacket
  • lightweight (14.4 oz)
  • Retails at $199

Bear got a Patagonia Nano-Puff Jacket for his birthday earlier this year, and it has been his go-to jacket ever since. In fact, his constant use inspired me to get my own. It is lightweight but warm, and a better option for backpacking than down when you are expecting wet weather. I especially like the fit of the women's version. it is tailored without being too form fitting, allowing flexibility. 

This jacket is NOT waterproof, it is water resistant, however synthetic insulation can keep you warm, even when it is wet, unlike down. It does weigh more than the Patagonia Ultralight down Jacket, but if you're expecting rain in the forecast it's probably a better choice. 

The Nano-puff jackets are great for layering because they are not bulky. The relatively thin profile makes this jacket great for wearing under a shell (such as a rain jacket) 

Nano-puff jackets retail at $199, however if you wait for outlet sales, the price becomes considerably more reasonable, though Patagonia is almost never considered cheap. I'll admit though I'm a sucker for Patagonia and it is probably the brand to which I am most loyal. (I got mine for about $60)

One thing I have noticed on my jacket is that the quilted stitching around the sleeve has started coming loose. This is something that is pretty concerning, and I'll be watching closely over the next few months. But Patagonia does have a very good gear guarantee, so I'm not worried. 


Men's Jacket 

Women's Jacket