Catching Up

Life gets really crazy. And I mean really crazy. It's not necessarily the fun parts of life either, though those have been plentiful. It's the work, it's the commute, it's the getting everything done and still having the motivation to sit on a computer and reflect. I've been really bad at that. So in the future, maybe I'll write a separate blog post for each of the adventures I've been on since Easter (there have been many, and they have been wonderful), but for now here is a highlight reel. 

We spent Easter on top of a Mountain in Big Sur and saw Yucca in bloom and watched the most amazing sunset

We flew kites in Berkeley with a few good men. 

We spent an evening at a Lake in Kings Canyon where a man disposed of his wife's body in the the early 90's.

We attended Boonville Beer Festival

We celebrated my birthday in Point Reyes National Seashore (for which I forgot to put the battery in my camera... So iPhone photos sufficed)

We enjoyed the celebration of a friend's birthday followed by Bay to Breakers and a magical evening spent celebrating Wavy Gravy's Birthday with a few hundred people in a business park in Rohnert Park. (no photos. I'm not even sorry about that)

We visited friends and family in San Luis Obispo County. 

I spent a weekend in Carmel with my best friend

Floated down the American River

I organized a birthday party of my dad. 

Celebrated the fourth of July

And made our way to Yosemite. But that gets a post of it's own. Stay Tuned! 

So many wonderful, beautiful things have happened. I honestly can't even explain half of it. But I hope these photos makes you understand, there just hasn't been any time.