On the Road Again

Imagine yourself here

I grasp on to this place with everything in my heart. I hold these moments of pure unadulterated joy close to my soul. 

Rewind to the weekend of Easter. Spring was fresh and new. I traveled south, yet again, to Big Sur to experience freedom from the monotonous, and tiresome. With a group of friends I celebrated life, and was renewed by beauty of a rugged coastline and beautiful friends. 

It started, as it often does, on the road. We sped past miles of the beloved Pacific. The day was bright and clear and beautiful, and I was in the company of the most wonderful friends. 

We stopped at Sand Dollar Beach for lunch and sunshine. 

I lay baking in the sand and let the warmth of the first April rays soak into my skin. The water was clear and blue and the world felt fresh and right.  We left the beach and drove to the fabled Camp Cloud. But that, dear friends, is a story for another time.