The Dragon House.

Perched on a hill in Northern Big Sur, a man named Don Luis built a wonderland. You cannot drive there. The only way in is on foot. I can only imagine the thousands of trips he made hiking up the steep ravine to bring supplies and tools to his abode. Two structures on his land are available for visitors. The Dragon House and the Rainbow House. It's hard to describe to someone who hasn't seen it. It's hard to explain. It's hard to understand.

The Rainbow House.

These trails connect everything that Don Luis has built, or plans to build on the land. 

Garrapata Beach. Like all places I've been in Big Sur carries a weight of magic. The air seems different. The water seems more vibrant. The world feels full of color. 

The kitchens are small, but well thought out. Everyone piled in to make dinner. 

Good friends never let a cup run empty. 

There is something immediately cozy about playing cards with friends around a table. 

The feeling is amplified by the surroundings. Warm wooden beams, cushions and couches. And windows. There are windows everywhere. 

As with most things in life. The best parts weren't captured here. Tropical gardens in the midst of a redwood forest. The smell of sage drifting through the windows. Hidden couches in scarf wrapped tents on the hillside. Laying on the porch built into the roof in a pile of pillows looking at the stars. Cold fresh air. Laughter. 

When I woke, it all felt like a dream. 

Even now, the memories don't seem real. And I can't stop daydreaming.